Clients Speak
It has being long journey of seven years of developing and distributing different versions of Exalt Smart Dentist software. To improve our dental clinic management software we needed valuable suggestions from actual users of software - the dentists as well as experts of the industry.

This page is dedicated to all our clients, experts and interested people who gave us valuable suggestions and useful ideas.

We always welcome positive thoughts and constructive criticism and encourage you to provide us your valuable feedback. Please email us on now! Please dont forget to mention your full name, address and contact numbers.

Below are some of the very valuable Kudoz we received.

"The most important aspect of this software is its simplicity. It took me just three hours to understand whole functionality!" - Dr. Gins

"Teeth marking in virtual mouth is amazing.. It saves time, as one picture says thousand words." - Dr. John

"It saves me lot of time and patients are amazed how I remember every detail they ever discussed with me. Its no magic. I just keep notes in software and refer it when they are sitting before me next time. :-) " - Dr. Danny

"I have to travel a lot and I like to stay informed about clinic when I am on move. I can access all details using my iPad anytime. Clinic management is easier than ever before now." - Dr. Aarif

"A good software not only should save time, but also should be affordable. This one excels in both areas... " - Dr. Saadat